Why should we use equivalent toner?

It is in your advantage that the toners, cartridges and ink you use are not as refilled. If the product you will use is toner, it will damage the machine by filling this toner and using it in the machine. It may damage your machine by emptying the toner in the apparatus remaining open at the time of filling. If you change the chip of the toner and refill, the chip can break the software of your machine.

However, if you use it as equivalent or original, you will have used zero products and zero products will not harm your machine. For this reason, no one guarantees the toner refill, but equivalent and original toners are guaranteed. It does not create a shortening in the life of your machine and you can use your printer for a long time.

Toner refilling also cuts the number of output it will give and you will get a printout of 500 600 units from a toner you will buy 2000. Because you are preparing it for use by making changes on the used product again. There is no such problem with the equivalent toner and original toner, and you can get the number of prints offered to you.

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