What is the Difference Between Toner and Equivalent Toner?

Refill toner; is to make the product reusable by adding carbon into the used toner. While this process is being done, the drum of the toner, the replacement of the chip will end the life of the chip. This stage occurs when producing toner from scratch, and most importantly, it is a serious endeavor for you. Equivalent Toner, on the other hand, literally means equivalent, equal, etc. It can be called the equivalent of this.

They are called sub-industry. An alternative to this type of toner product, which has a very low number of prints, is to be sold in the market. These toners, with very low printing costs, are sold in the market as an alternative to original products. It is produced abroad as zero and all the equipment inside is zero and has never been used. Equivalent toners generally have a printing capacity close to the original toner.

It gives an output very close to the page capacity given by the original toner. For example, Hp 12A Original Toner has a page capacity of 2,000. The equivalent toner gives the same page capacity. However, due to the fact that it is an equivalent and a sub-industry, you will get an average of 1900 pages.
However, you do not pay as high as the original toner cartridges. For this reason, it is more advantageous to use equivalent toner.

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