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Will toner refill damage the printer?

No. Toner refilling made according to the instructions will never harm your printer. Western countries support toner cartridge refilling to encourage recycling to protect nature. In our country, we sometimes get questions from consumers whether the toner refilling will damage my printer, we are surprised! As far as we understand, original printer services want to […]

Why should we use equivalent toner?

It is in your advantage that the toners, cartridges and ink you use are not as refilled. If the product you will use is toner, it will damage the machine by filling this toner and using it in the machine. It may damage your machine by emptying the toner in the apparatus remaining open at […]

What is the Difference Between Toner and Equivalent Toner?

Refill toner; is to make the product reusable by adding carbon into the used toner. While this process is being done, the drum of the toner, the replacement of the chip will end the life of the chip. This stage occurs when producing toner from scratch, and most importantly, it is a serious endeavor for […]